Cost of living calculations

Swedish salaries can sometimes be perceived as low, which causes difficulties during negotiations. But due to differing tax systems and monthly expenses that can be profoundly different from those in their home country, your prospects’ salary expectations might have to be adjusted. That’s where cost of living calculations come in, helping them compare “apples to apples” instead of “apples to pears”.

Think of a cost of living calculation as a more extensive, professional “Big Mac Index,” with all the relevant information weighted. It includes income, number of children, expenses that the candidate and their family members carry from their home country, housing expenses, vehicle expenses, and other costs (food, childcare, clothing, hygiene, health care, sports, leisure, hobbies, entertainment, public transport, insurance, consumables, household appliances, TV, internet, and more).

Cost of living comparisons can help make your salary negotiations more fruitful. They allow your candidate to appreciate how far a proposed salary would go in Sweden, so they’re able to make a more informed decision.