Immigration and work permits

Do you have the time or knowledge?

Foreign worker recruitment is the best choice for companies having trouble find labor in Sweden. The free movement within the European Union, EES and Switzerland has made it easier to recruit from Europe but for companies that recruit outside EU, it can be a nightmare to get a work permit for their candidate because of all the regulations. Note though that we are also assisting with practical issues when hiring from EU, EES and Switzerland.

Terminal 5 supports you

Terminal 5 has extensive knowledge about the Swedish Migration process and good connections towards the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket). Every work permit application, new ones and extensions, submitted through us will be correct. We handle the contact with your candidate, all relevant authorities and the Swedish Migration Agency, and are responsible for paperwork and administration. With our help, your candidate will be handled in a personal and professional way!

We will handle it all

– Strategic advise regarding different work permits
– Applying for work permit at the Swedish Migration Agency
– New work permit applications and extensions for candidates and family members
– All paperwork and administration
– Direct contact with candidates
– Relocation assistance if needed (housing, personal number etc)

Book a free strategic advise meeting

If you are an employer, book a free consultation meeting here (unfortunately, we cannot help you if you contact us as a private person). If the available dates do not fit you: contact us