Language training

Do you have language barriers at work?

Today, in a global labor market, we meet many different nationalities and backgrounds at our workplace. But it can be challenging for people who just arrived in Sweden, especially if they don’t speak the same language. Understanding your co-workers and people you meet in everyday life is important if the person is supposed to stay a long time.

Basic Swedish courses with Terminal 5

Terminal 5 offers a variety of Swedish courses for job candidates, co-workers, and family members. By attending a Swedish course before moving to Sweden, the candidate will enter work and society faster. Making yourself understood and understanding others is also a huge confidence boost. No matter which type of course you choose, it will have a positive impact on everybody!

A selection of our courses

– Online- or teacher-led courses
– Introductory or advanced courses
– A1-, A2-, B1-, B2-, C1- and C2-level courses
– For job candidates and their family members

Customize the course to your needs

We can tailor a course to the prerequisites of your company and your candidate. Our offering includes online courses at your own pace, teacher-led classes, face-to-face coaching, and a mixed education program with instructor-led and virtual sessions. What suits you best?

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